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Need information about a book you've read? Check here for information about authors, plots, characters and other literary topics.Read all you want, but please don't try to print the complete text of anything. We can't afford the paper and ink!

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Vocabulary University

Check it out:

The official Cliff Notes Site:


Biography - links to various biographical resources, compliments of A&E Television Network.

Classics on the Web - Read the classics online. They're free (but you can't make notes in the margins!)

Creative quotations - search more than 10,000 quotations from 1500 people. Search by person or quotes appropriate for particular occasions. Links to other quote databases.

The Iliad and The Odyssey

Of Mice and Men - Student Survival Guide: check here for details about the book as well as good information for teachers.

Project Bartleby - Original works by famous authors from Agatha Christie to William Butler Yeats.

Reading's - Are you reading enough? Well, how about this:you could win upwards to +600 dollars for reading and doing activites on this website. Plus, you have the chance to talk to 22 different authors in their online chat room. Mr. Hoeger will be proud of you. But, you have until May 11th to do so.

Resources for English and American Literature from Indiana University - An exhaustive list of links to all eras.

To Kill a Mockingbird - Student Survival Guide. Check here for information about the book, plus good info for teachers.

Yahoo's Literature Resources - Includes links to classics, beat generation, medieval, mystery, non fiction, Southern, Victorian, plus links to Canadian authors, a database of Women in American Literature and more.

The Play's the Thing

Carnegie Mellon's play page - All sorts of plays, including all of Shakespeare, plus a few screenplays and some discussion too.


Bored? Shakespeare Magnet Poetry

Academy of American Poets - Read poetry by your favorite American poets. Even better, LISTEN to the poets read their work. (You'll need Real Player for this. Also included, essays on poetry-related topics. This is a GREAT site!

An Index of Poets Online - From the University of Toronto. Some old, some new, some famous, some obscure.

Fooling With Words - Visitors of this site will be able to meet 21 poets, such as U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinksy, and be able to see them perform, or listen to their poems with an audio files.

The Internet Poetry Archive - The archive will include the work of living poets from around the world. The initial unit features eight poets, including Philip Levine, Margaret Walker, and Nobel Prize winners Seamus Heaney and Czeslaw Milosz. The archive will present sound and graphics as well as text, including audio clips of the poet reading several poems, the poet's comments on the works, a photo of the poet and other graphics that would help a reader understand the poem, a biography of the poet prepared by a scholar familiar with the poet's work, and a short bibliography.

Poetry Links on the Web - This collection of links is from the University of CapeTown in South Africa. They seem to have done an incredibly thorough search and have come up with a huge list of links. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you might want to start here. You can search by poets by language of origin or last name, find poetry anthologies, magazines, poetry books, poetry criticism and much more.

Project Bartleby - From Columbia University, contains links to the work of poets and other writers.

Shakespeare Magnet Poetry - If you enjoy games and the poet Shakespeare, then you will enjoy playing this Javascript game. Decide on any number of words that you would to try to piece together to form a phrase on any of Shakespeare's poetry. Sonnet Poets - This website contains more than 200 modern/earily poets that are alphabetized, along with their poems.

Check Here for Writing Help

Bartlett's Quotations - Find a quote online.

Citing Sources - From Purdue's On-Writing Lab, details on the Modern Language Association format. If you lost the handout you received in class, check here.

Common Errors in English - Learn the difference between "nauseated" and "nauseous," "continual" and "continuous," "compliment" and "complement," "dolly" and "handcart" and dozens of other stumbling blocks of the English language. It'll help you pass Flagler's exams!)

Elements of Style - If you only have time to look at one grammar and style book, this is it. It should be a staple of everyone's library, right next to the dictionary and the thesaurus.

Grammar Now! - If you want to check your spelling, grammar, or punctuation of your essay, and such, then head on over here to Grammar Now. The site contains information about how to check your writing with it's own set of links to other sites. Plus, you can copy/paste your essay or questions in a text box, and send it to people to look over it for punctuation errors, and such. Note: you MUST have an e-mail address for this to work!

A Guide to Grammar and Style - from Jack Lynch, assistant prof of English at Rutgers University. Good information, plus links to other related sites.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - from Prof. Charles Darling at Capital-Community Technical College in Hartford, CN. elpful information, PLUS quizzes to test your knowledge and even a place to submit questions.

Other On-Line Writing Labs - a rundown of ALL the on-line college writing labs. Check them out when you have time.

Purdue's OWLRoget's Thesaurus - Find the right word here.

SPJ: FOI Resource Center - Dozens of superb links for writing and young journalists.

Teachers First (Writing Styles) - Teachers First has done it again with a section for writing and grammar help. So, trail on over to find dozens of interesting links here.

Thesis Builder - An on-line writing helper. Check this out if you can't figure out how to get started on your essay. Speaking of dictionaries,

Webster's dictionary is online. Go to the page, type in your word, click search, it gives you a definition.

What Is? - A clever site that has definitions of terms, extensions, plain definitions with pictures and links.

Wordsmyth's English Dictionary and Thesaurus - You type in the word; the program tells you what it means.


Columbia Journalism Review - Interesting reading on current events.

Debatable issues - This site offers links to information on a wide variety of controversial issues, including assisted suicide, animal rights, school prayer and school violence. Site assembled by the online Homework Center at Multnomah County, Oregon, Library.

Kentucky Migrant Technology Project - Supports education in the arts, science, english, mathematics, social studies, and practical living. Excellent site.

New York Times - Check here to find out what the NYT considers the best sources on the Web for all types of information.

Vocabulary University - Build your vocabulary while playing word games.

Vaguepolitix - Anyone who thinks that the internet will end reading hasn't looked at the first issues of this on-line quarterly from the PBS Online Web Lab that examines the topic of crime. Great writing. Provocative ideas. Resources to support your own learning. And a terrific example of how web graphics and good design can enhance your reading experience.

Word Play - This is an incredible collection of sites that will appeal particularly to people who love the English language. It was assembled by Judi Wolinsky, who must love language a LOT!

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